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The civil lawsuit comes several months after criminal charges against Cross were considered by the Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office.

Deputy Prosecutor Megan Winder said the potential charge, first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor, has a three-year statute of limitation.“With the facts and information that I had, I was unable to charge it based on the statute of limitation issue,” Winder said.

The officer wrote in the report that he believed Cross’s actions were, “highly suspect and inappropriate.”The victim’s father picked her up and took her home, and said he would talk to his daughter about the incident.

The officer forwarded the case to detectives, according to the police report.

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Cross also worked as an assistant soccer coach for Saint Martin’s University.

Genevieve Chan, a university spokeswoman, said that Cross began coaching as a volunteer in 2008, and was hired in 2009. She also said that Cross worked primarily with the men’s team, but occasionally assisted with the women’s team.

The reporting party said the van had been parked for about an hour.