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Other campuses, such as MTSU, address it informally, spokesman Jimmy Hart said.

At Vanderbilt, although the term "red zone" isn't used in educational and orientation programs, "it is certainly something we talk about behind the scenes as we schedule programs," said Cara Tuttle Bell, director of the campus's Safe Project Center.

At the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, nine sexual assaults were reported to have occurred between move-in day and Thanksgiving break last fall.

At UT's Chattanooga campus, the first sexual assault reported in the fall semester was 15 days after classes began.A student reported an alleged sexual assault that occurred in an off-campus location Sept. Three other sexual assaults were reported on campus in October and November.of Safety Hamilton County Coalition Partnership for Family and Children's Services - Services for elder abuse, sexual assault, rape, and domestic violence and dating violence services.Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force Tennessee Sexual Offender Registry Database - Search for sexual predators in your area. GOV/CONSUMER - provided for residents, and used to inform citizens of the most current scams."It's just a finite space — not the whole state or country — and it's easier to tackle the issues there and it's led to a much more robust conversation about sexual assault than we have had in a long time."The Tennessean queried campuses across Tennessee for reports of sexual assault during the fall 2016 semester.

Some institutions provided details and location and nature of the allegations and the class year of the students who reported them. In some cases, sexual assault reports were made weeks or months after an alleged incident occurred.

There were two more reports of rapes and two reports of fondling reported to have occurred before Thanksgiving break.

Two more rapes were reported after Thanksgiving break.

The state's largest private university — Vanderbilt — reported five. Middle Tennessee State University, the state's second-biggest undergraduate campus, reported one sexual assault. Some universities discuss the propensity of “red zone” sexual assaults as part of a formal orientation or education, such as UT Knoxville, which gives out red zone T-shirts and rolled out red zone pop-up booths in the early weeks of the fall semester.

At Eastern Tennessee State University, a staff counselor included a lecture about the red zone as part of student orientation.

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