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Show results Zune HD v4.5 firmware now available Zune users complain of fast-draining battery with latest firmware.

If your device does not already have firmware version 3.0 or later, you'll.

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When it comes to EQ, from what I can see from reading around on this forum, it's either very essential or it's useless to members on this forum..

This is video of the Zune 80 having trouble getting a firmware update applied.

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I was tired, and I said "Area code" when I was supposed to say "Error code." If anyone can help me with this, message me please!!

The latest Zune firmware update is going to hit today, fixing some of the issues people have been experiencing with their 30GB and 80GB.If you haven't updated yet, I recommend that you update to the newest Zune Firmware 2.5.New firmware update brings performance tweaks, but no added functionality..If you are trying to resolve trouble with your Zune, you should remove its firmware only as a last resort.Some of may have noticed that the new firmware undoes the USB-drive hack ( that lets you use your player as an external drive).This may come to a surprise, but the Zune HD has recently been given a firmware update, upgrading from 4.5(109) to 4.5(114), then minor.