Sex offender self help chat

There are treatment programs nationwide that help people change their abusive behaviors and learn how to live safe and healthy lives.

These reporting laws, as they are applied in your state, are explained to all adults and to guardians of children who seek professional counseling for any reason.Understanding this limitation to the confidentiality offered in sex-specific treatment is important, and applies to anyone seeking medical care or mental health services.Treatment is available for male and female adults and juveniles.Treatment is typically offered separately for males and females.For the vast majority of those adults and juveniles who have committed a sexual offense, treatment significantly reduces the future risk of sexually abusing a child.

Treatment does not offer amnesty or excuse abusive acts, nor is it intended to punish or humiliate participants.There are also specialized therapies for children with sexual behavior problems.Typically the approaches to treatment for adolescents and younger children differ from those used with adults.A Community of Sex Offenders and families of offenders sharing knowledge and information to overcome the obstacles in our lives and become stronger and better people.It is our belief that we can best help society by seeking healthy alternatives to cope with situations that eluded us in the past.The good news is that treatment for people with sexual behavior problems can and does work. It is extremely difficult, however, and often impossible to change these behaviors successfully without the help and support of a professional who is experienced with sex abuse-specific treatment.