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SPSS Version 17, was used for analysis and test of significance was set at p = is the abscissa of the normal curve that cuts off an area at the tails (1 - equals the desired confidence level, e.g., 95%), usually set at 1.96.

Participants name and addresses were not included to ensure confidentiality and participants reassured of the confidentiality of the information obtained, age, ethnicity, marital status (married, non-married), educational level attained, profession, work, origin, place of living, family class, religion, and ethnic group.The instrument was self-administered and assistance given to those who were not adequately literate.Each item consists of four (4) graded statements which are ranked and weighted to reflect severity.Values from 0 – 3 are used in scoring each item and the total score ranges between 0 – 63.A breakdown of the scoring system is: 1 – 10 (Normal), 11 – 20 (Mild), 21 – 30(Moderate) 31 – 40 (Severe), 41 (Extreme).

The limitation in the use of Becks Depression Inventory which is self-reported is that it may be prone to bias.The internal consistency estimate of reliability Cronbach’s alpha based on the present study was a = 0.74 and had a mean score of 15.7.Schedule for clinical assessment in neuropsychiatry (SCAN 2.1) Depression was diagnosed using the pen and paper version of the Depression Module of the Schedule for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry (SCAN 2.1) which is a semi-structured instrument to derive ICD-10 diagnosis.If the study population is above 10,000, the required sample size would have been 384.However, in this study, the population was 2,900 (less than 10,000), the required sample size was therefore calculated using the Finite Population Correction for Proportions formula: Where, n = the desired sample size when population 10,000.Methods: Through stratified random sampling, 400 prisoners were interviewed using the Depression component of WHO SCAN in a 2-stage design after having been screened with the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI).