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Because women invest greatly in reproduction of offspring, they have developed traits that help improve the chances that each offspring will survive.

Men are less concerned with reproduction and are less choosy about mates (Wood & Eagly, 2002).

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“Why the hell would you invite a girl who was raised in a family that looks down on women? According to a source, protestors are also contacting the event’s executive director to air their grievances about the controversial guest.

Both theories discuss sex differences in mate preferences, jealousy, and aggression.

Explanations from the two theories are compared and contrasted.This explains the difference in each sex's perspective on reproduction.The social structural theory states that the critical cause of sex differences is social structure.Evolutionary psychologists have developed a theory to explain the origins of differences between men and women.Evolutionary psychology is the most well-developed theory explaining sex differences (Wood & Eagly, 2002).Social structural theory maintains that sex differences result from changes in society and social roles occupied by men and women.