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Keep your investments for each goal in separate accounts to make tracking easier for you.Along with changing your oil every 3,000 miles and checking your child’s trick-or-treat bag for weaponized apples, the common advice to create an emergency fund is overly prudent.

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Have it checked out by a swimming pool service professional.

The consequences of leaks include corroding walls, washing away sand on the floor, and other damage to the structure. It requires making sure the liner has no wrinkles and is suctioned properly to the walls.

It may be necessary to smoothly patch any pits or other marred area of the pool wall, to insure the liner adheres snugly.

The flooring may require the additional of sand or floor padding.

We find that in general, liners last approximately 8-12 years.

Sun and chemical overuse can cause the liner to fade, and lead to the vinyl becoming brittle.If you need to, adjust the percentage of your salary that goes to savings so you can cover all your goals. If it’s really a stretch, then save just P10 a day for your emergency fund.Keep it going until you figure out which areas in your lifestyle you can cut back on further so you can continue investing in savings, your kids’ education, a condo unit, etc.If your liner is leaking and you are fortunate enough to see a small hole, know that it can be patched.If you are losing an inch of water per week, not counting backwash and splashing, you may have a leak.The vinyl liner in an above-ground swimming pool, or an in-ground vinyl liner pool, will not last forever.