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We will build a slender form and toned muscles that highlight our feminine curves. It can be easy and fun and I cannot wait to show you how! My body was important to me, but I was so tired with all the demands from my schedule, that I found it hard to set aside a block of time to workout.

It is important to find a new balance that accommodates the needs of your baby, any other children you may have, your significant other, your job or other responsibilities, and YOU! I love having breasts to push up with the right bra on a night out. Few things in life are more striking in life than a beautiful woman holding a happy baby. To create the most balanced Hot Mommy possible, you will receive bonuses that cover Nutrition, Parenting, Beauty, Relationships and Fitness for a TOTAL HOT MOMMY PACKAGE valued at 8!

Many women have a hard time finding the right balance between being a mommy and holding onto that sensual part of themselves which helped to create their baby's life while maintaining a loving and healthy partnership. If you think about all the famous pieces of artwork over centuries of human history, you will see that history agrees with me! In this video, I pair with Julie Comer of Fit Julie training, to give moms like you the tools they need to get amazing, toned abs.

By feeling great about you and finding a workout routine that includes your baby, you will help satisfy your baby's primary needs. No matter where you are starting from, if you follow the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution's lifestyle and workout suggestions and adopt the right attitude, you will be successful. In this phase you will start to see some body contouring and an increase in your cardiovascular health.

Your Happy Baby will not think that your interactions are intended to enhance your fitness. So grab your adorable little fat burner (a.k.a., your baby! You will begin to feel stronger and more energetic.

Before we get to my solution, let's talk about you!

How are you feeling about you after becoming a mommy?It was the solution that kept my baby happy, engaged and giggling, and allowed us to bond while my body thrived. I wanted to feel sexy and confident in my own skin.Take a look at these pictures of me in my early twenties with an extra 65 pounds! Who would have guessed that this same woman would be turning so many heads just a few months later!Once I hit the six week point and my doctor gave his approval for me to begin exercising, I started going to the gym for some light weight training and mild cardio on the treadmill. I hated being away from my baby after spending so much time at work and school!I hated how complicated it was to arrange for care in the evening.This bonus, written for busy women like you, takes the stress out of maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Let him reward you for creating your Happy Baby and your Hot Mommy Body by following these adorable and romantic suggestions! Make your workouts a cinch by tracking your activities on these easy to use and customized exercise sheets. As most of us know, applying this coat before the polish promotes healthier nails and prevents unnecessary damage such as splitting and peeling.