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The Most Extreme ended its series on February 1, 2008 but if you are looking to find out some odd, entertaining information on animals, The Most Extreme will not disappoint in this form.

Animals are as unique as humans and The Most Extreme offers an up close look at their amazing abilities.

Throughout the experience daters are introduced, profiled, and made to participate in erotic activities both in the mansion and off-site.

Playmates and models generally instigate the first round sexually-oriented party games, followed by "field trips" to Hollywood clubs, massage parlors, or trendy bars.

On July 7th 2002 The Most Extreme was first aired on American Cable TV. Narrated by Adam Harrington, it featured ten different animals depicting a certain characteristic on each new show.

These characteristics included such things as weirdest, smallest, loudest, most horrific and fastest to name only a few.

Some example episodes included 'the most horrific' animal, 'the best lovers', and an 'oddities' episode that compared the animals with their human equivalents.

Not only were the most extreme animals of each characteristic depicted, they were compared to how the animal's ability would transcribe itself in a human using digital images of the ability.

In September 2009, Playboy TV premiered a third season of the series, of the series which takes place in New York City, and Los Angeles. Beginning in the second season, the level of sexual explicitness increased in the series, with penetration and other sexual acts shown uncensored.

As noted below, this resulted in the DVD release of Season 2 being edited to remove such content.

The animals that displayed the most extreme of these characteristics were featured on the show in a countdown type style from least to greatest.

The animals involved were only given a casual depiction for entertainment purposes, not backed by actual scientific evidence.

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