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Some models have noticed that unless they are naked, nobody will tip. This isn't about over emotional manipulation ("oh no!My dog *and* my grandma both got cancer and I have to pay for all of it!

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Oversaturation and bad cam settings are a very big indicator that the model is not experienced or not providing high-quality entertainment.

It is worth it to preview your cam settings and make them look as close to reality as possible (however, you don't need to spend 15 minutes a day fiddling with cam settings. ) While that may sound very mean and biased towards models who cannot afford good equipment, the sad reality is that members associate a clear and appealing picture with an experienced and talented model.

"); this is about straight-up telling the members they are assholes for not giving you money. There is a big difference between saying, "sorry, guys! I should have known not to try a show when my regulars weren't on." Even if you feel that it is their fault, members probably do not feel that way.

I guess I couldn't get this show going, I'm logging off now! Even if you've done this show every day for a year, and you know it isn't your fault that you aren't being tipped, you probably only going to make things worse by making the members feel bad.

It takes me around 3 to 5 seconds to figure out if I will enjoy watching a certain model. Talking - members enjoy listening to you speak or sing.

Even if audio is off, a talking model is more interesting than a mute model.Members go to camsites so they can feel good about themselves and relax with a beautiful woman. They do not want to be screamed at, called cheap, or made to feel like jerks.Making a member feel alienated is not going to make him more likely to spend money on you. Do you log on, take 15 minutes to decide what show you're going to do, 10 minutes to start the countdown, and let the coutndown sit for 50 or 60 minutes while you chat with the guys and hope to get tips?If you are being very sexy and gearing up for a show, they're probably not going to stay in your room - and that's okay.If a member is looking for a quick show and you're having a philosophical debate, he probably isn't going to stay in your room - and that's okay, too.You may not be doing anything to keep their attention How long do you watch a TV channel before you decide you don't like the show and click away?