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He studied science at Trinity College, Dublin and composition and organ at the Royal Irish Academy of Music with A. From 1969 until 1991 he worked in London as composer, arranger, musical director and record producer.

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Two of his orchestral works, MM: Symphonic Movement and Overture for Brass and Percussion, have been performed by the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra has performed his Summer Suite (Five Pastiches for Orchestra).As arranger/musical director he has worked with rock, pop and folk performers including Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, The Corrs and The Chieftains.See the film review below to see why we are so excited about the soundtrack, and check back here for news and information in the coming weeks.The following is our original feature, done at the time that the film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September of 2003.• • • Toronto International Film Festival Screening Times: Friday, September 12 PM ROY THOMSON HALL Saturday, September 13 AM UPTOWN 1 Celtic music festivals are very popular among fans here in the Celtic Cafe community, and now we are fortunate to actually get a major film showcasing the "All-Ireland" traditional music finals!A film where Irish Music was not the evocative mood setter in the background (see shot of rolling green hills with pipes playing slowly) but was presented up front and centre in its rightful place, in yer face.

We had a series of tune sets linked together by the plot.Selected feature filmography: The Dogs of War (80), Ghost Story (81), Champions (83), Turtle Diary (85), Raw Deal (86), Hamburger Hill (87), Next of Kin (89), Eminent Domain (90), Free Fall (93), Widow’s Peak (94), the 1995 Festival presentation A Month By the Lake (95), City of Industry (97), Shiner (00) and The Boys from County Clare (03).The Boys From County Clare is a presentation of First Look Media and Studio Hamburg WWP in association with the Isle Of Man Film Commission and TPC Film Productions.Here is the "report back," thanks to Pat Simmonds of Toronto ( The Boys From the County Clare.This unassuming film landed at the Toronto Film Festival utterly bereft of the hype associated with the much-lauded Hollywood blockbusters that swagger their way into town but after its Gala performance with a standing ovation that one jaded hack described as "the most spontaneous reaction to a film that I've seen this year," this little film was dancing jigs and reels around the competition.His scores include those for Dear Sarah, A Love Divided and the major BBC documentary series, People’s Century.