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The rules of love So you see what I am saying, there is no way to ‘convince’ anyone to have sex, unless you are using some abusive, underhand or unkind means... Everyone has their own time and pace to be ready for sex – it is very possible your gf is not as ready as you are and well, you have to respect that - you don’t like it?Well, too bad sir, these are the unwritten rules of lovemaking!

Q: Auntyji, my girlfriend is always saying no to sex. Please tell me how to convince my gf to start having sex.

Raunaq (23), Ranchi Text: Auntyji Image: thinqkreations, we can never ‘convince’ anyone to have sex...

Most often than not you guys think of sex as going all the way – penetrative sex or nothing!

Come on, use the time to try simple, small expressions of intimacy and stop as soon as you reach that boundary which your gf had set. whatever the lady is comfortable with, try that route No barter in love – so no scope for cajoling, requesting, convincing – all blackmail beta!

that they have to decide on their own, whenever they are ready, simple!

You see this rather a classic situation and there are some pet lines or phrases one comes up with.

Do you know what kinds of lines men use to try and 'convince' girls to have sex..

some you have heard already and some are here, let’s hope you have not used or planned to use any of them. and these sort of arguments will take you farther from us and from being a caring, lovable boyfriend.

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