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For our Linux Voice website, we'll add a widget that grabs the Linux Voice Twitter feed.

You just need to copy and paste it in place of Of course, you can create your own.

Don't worry about trying to understand this script (unless you're a Java Script masochist) as it's computer generated and not meant to be human readable.

In a nutshell: you can modify and share all content from the magazine (apart from adverts), even for commercial purposes, providing you credit Linux Voice as the original source, and retain the same license.

This remix is converted manually to Markdown and HTML for ease of archiving and copy-pasting. It is an awesome magazine with an awesome team of people.

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HTML is one of the greatest developments in computing.

It's unlikely that either Twitter or Open Weather Map would do this deliberately, but if hackers managed to break into the main system, they could use this to attack all the web pages that pull data from there.

Therefore, it's better if you don't just put other people's content directly into your site, but process the data and produce HTML that uses the raw data. The Tornado module contains a web browser that lets you modify templates by passing more information to them.

The scrolling value tells the browser that we don't want a scroll bar on the iframe, and seamless tells it that it should be integrated into our page seamlessly.

Not all browsers recognise these, so it will appear slightly different on different platforms.

On the Twitter web page, just go to the cog menu icon, then Settings Create New.