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Beware, however, that these fish are ravenous eaters of plant life so if you plan to keep them in your aquarium be sure to stick to either plastic plants or hardier varieties of live plants.Breeding aquarium fish of any species is not impossible, though it does take some time and preparation.

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In a male silver dollar fish, the anal fin may be slightly longer and may also be tinged red.

Because it is difficult to sex silver dollar fish, the best way to prepare for breeding them is to purchase six or so juvenile fish and raise them together.

This will allow the juvenile fish to grow together and to form bonds with other fish and to establish breeding pairs.

should be dimly lit and kept at a temperature around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unlike many egg layers, silver dollar fish do not build bubble nests so it is best to fill the breeding tank with fine-leafed plants.

These plants will provide protection for the eggs and may also serve as a food source for the adult fish and the fry as they grow.You should keep in mind, however, that silver dollar fish tend to feed voraciously on plants.This being the case, you should stock fast-growing plants or consider using fake plants in your breeding tank.Fry that are not fed adequately during the first few days after hatching often experience stunted growth and they may never achieve full size at maturity.Though breeding silver dollar fish can be tricky at times, it is well worth the effort.The silver dollar fish is a native of South America and, though named for a small coin, these fish can grow to more than six inches in length.