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You know there’s a a lot more to the world than our little corner of paradise. Warning: some parts of the world aren’t so pretty, but I know you’re ready for a different perspective.

I believe the truth is out there and that there’s more to the universe than meets the eye.

That's 2520 days, and I've probably loved 2500 of them (I endure textbook collection, but there's nothing to love about it. I overuse words like awesome and amazing, as well as the exclamation point. I just think a lot of library, book, and tech-related things are amazing, and a lot of the people involved in those things are awesome.But wait-- last year I had five student helpers and they were awesome kids I wouldn't have the pleasure of getting to know better if I wasn't collecting textbooks. I am old enough to be amazed that I can virtually hang out with library people from around the world.So, I've been inspired lately by a lot of amazing teacher librarians who have written about doing this lesson or some kind of variation (resource links below) and though they sounded awesome, they were too much work. Think Chuck Woolery cheezy love connection with a dash of Marvin Gaye! Take a book cart and shop for some hot books around your library media center.Decorations, tablecloths, candles, writing activities, dating profiles on Good Reads, Shelfari, Libary Thing, or Shelfari -- so being naturally enthusiasticaly indolent, I wanted to find a quick & dirty way to get kids looking at books, checking out books, and moving around the library. That's right, be deeply shallow and choose books that have the most attractive covers, are hot popular, and just plain fun.Much easier than using Audacity for quick recordings!

---- To the kiddos: "Don't want to check out a book today? It's ok if you're already in a committed relationship - I don't want you to cheat on the book you're already reading!Aliens, life on other planets, alternative realities, and time travel? "I run a middle school library but I'M NOT A LIBRARIAN!Sure, I'd love to work with a teacher librarian, media specialist or whatever a credentialed person is called in your neck of the woods.I've blogged about Speed Dating With Books before - but I really fell in LOVE with this activity - it was a new take on it!I don't let just anyone guest blog here - they have to be someone I know, admire, & like! ) But Mary Reilley-Clark aka is indeed a personal friend of mine, and her latest activity was something that I wanted join in on and to share with you!So I loved 2510 of them.) I was born to work in a library. I share on Twitter & Scoopit about the great resources I've found, what goes on in my library, what I'd like to do in the future, and how I'm incorporating those shiny things I find that other library folks have so generously shared.