Srcds server not updating

In a CTF map a round is from the gates opening to the the point where the winning team has captured the intelligence three times. How many can one team earn before the server changes the map.

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Setting this to zero (no limit) works best, especially if you have different maps in your rotation.If you set it to a real number, like 4, then you will find the server changing maps in the middle of a payload game. If All Talk is set to 1 then everyone can hear everyone else, if it’s set to 0 then only team mates can hear each other over voice chat.There are literally hundreds of possible variables in srcds, many of which have no effect on a TF2 server.To simplify this guide I’ll provide you with a very simple sample server config file and talk about some of the more important variables. // General server settings hostname "Payload/Control-Point Rotation [Fremont, CA]" rcon_password "myunguessablepassword" sv_password "" sv_lan 0 sv_region 1 // game settings mp_timelimit 30 mp_maxrounds 4 mp_winlimit 0 // voice settings sv_voiceenable 1 sv_alltalk 0 // bandwidth rates/settings sv_allowupload 1 sv_allowdownload 1 sv_minrate 10000 sv_maxrate 0 sv_maxupdaterate 100 sv_minupdaterate 66 sv_mincmdrate 66 sv_maxcmdrate 100 // run in pure mode sv_pure 1 sv_pure_kick_clients 1 My server config is significantly more complicated than that, but trying to mention every possible variable that you can tinker with would be a huge article unto itself!Generally, players use voice chat for tactical information, so set this to 0 unless you have a good reason.

Now that your Team Fortress 2 server is installed, configured and ready to go it’s time to start it up. However, you probably want to be able to log out of your SSH session from time to time. To do this we will use a shell script and the Screen utility. I cannot take credit for this script, but it works well.

You can tell it to install wherever you want, but most people just install it in home directory.

If you thought the steam update took a while, you might want to find something else to do for a while, the initial install of the Team Fortress 2 server requires downloading about 3.5 gigabytes of files. Once it has finished downloading everything it will return you to the console. There are several files that you will want to edit for configuring and setting up your TF2 server.

The maximum time a game is allowed to be played (in minutes).

This one is easy to understand, what is the longest time that you want players to be stuck on a single map?

They build a version for Windows, Linux and Mac so you can run it on whatever system you happen to have available.