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The younger version of him looked nothing like the man I knew. Like so many of those who even now are heading to Canada in the hope of a better life, he looked forward rather than behind.

Who was this stern-faced stranger whose jaw was narrower, lips were plumper and hair was more lush than that of my father, 46 and half-bald when I was born? When I was in grade school, there was wistful talk of a possible family trip there one day, but it never materialized.

I have been both a university student activist and a university teacher.

Oct 26 (CT) Please reflect for a moment on the Oath of Office you took in entering Parliament as a member.

As Dakshana Bascaramurty was growing up in Canada, her father would reveal almost nothing about his past life in rural Sri Lanka.

So when fate took her to the island country, she knew she had to search for the place he left behind.

In the original parable of the crow and the fox, the fox flatters the crow, who is holding a piece of cheese in his beak, into singing for him.

This prompts the crow to drop the cheese, and the fox catches it.

Would the Sri Lanka my parents remembered even resemble the place it is today?

I thought back to the odd sense of loss I felt as a child, driving past our house in Toronto years after we’d moved to Winnipeg. What if all the landmarks had been wiped out, a new civilization in place of the old?

One grey afternoon, as I walked down a dusty road in Sri Lanka’s south, scooters zipping by, I spotted a large black house crow jauntily strutting toward me, clutching a in its beak.

A week later, after making the 10-hour journey to the northern tip of the country, I would find myself at a deserted Hindu temple in the boondocks, searching for clues to lead me to my father’s childhood home.

I know their history in a meta sense, but few of the details. I remember lying in bed reading (a dish made of steamed ground rice and coconut) and prawn curry.