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Nothing beats a beer, a burger, and a blanket on the lawn.This cozy, wood-trimmed nook of a bookstore just off the Bishop Arts District’s main drag is everything we’d expect from Spaniard owners: an effortlessly cool vibe, fantastic wine, and prime entertainment offerings -- making this a terrific date setting.

Really, you could easily spend an entire day here, between the recently added water park and the hall of cushy chairs tempting you to plop in a nap.Once you’re feeling detoxed, fuel up and rehydrate with Korean soups and stews at nearby eateries like Dal Dong Ne and Han Mi Ri or venture a little farther for DIY KBBQ at Zigul Zigul BBQ in Carrollton.Whether you’re both hops heads or one is trying to convert the other to the religion of craft beer loving, a brewery tour presents a tremendous opportunity.Not only do tours offer an A-to-Z lesson in the science of beer-making and the history of the brewery, but the price of entry usually includes a couple or more pints of the house-suds to sample.Additionally, many weekend tours (some breweries also host mid-week visits) end with live music acts and layovers from popular food trucks.

Feeling globally adventurous but don’t want to buy airfare?

Close out the night with karaoke and a nice variety of soju flavors at Dan Sung Sa.

Cheese unites people as well as it melds ingredients.

Enjoy a main at LUCK, Resto Gastro Bistro, or Di Di’s Tamale Diner, then finish off the night with sweets at either Kate Weiser Chocolates or Cake Bar... Your date will no doubt be impressed by your local restaurant savvy.

If your date is the kind to love funky throwback events steeped in geek culture (and craft beer! With sing-alongs, quote-alongs, and even dance-alongs -- as well as special meals, cocktails, and events surrounding big movie openings (anything -related gets major play) -- the dine-in theater has turned the film-going experience on its head.

Hands-on classes seem to sell out more quickly than chef demos, so keep an eye on the calendar and pounce when you see a class you like.