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26 yard to 55 yards – Delivery by Semi with a Double Trailer – 0 Semi with two trailers attached, must have a turn around diameter that is at least an 85′ x 85′ area, open and free of obstacles.

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In either of these situations, the concrete or asphalt can/will break.If you have your order delivered with a truck size that cannot dump its load due to obstacles or an area that is to small for maneuvering, you will be charged the time it took for that delivery vehicle to drive to and from your site in addition to the delivery cost for smaller trucks to bring the materials to your site to complete the delivery.The practice of Niyama helps us maintain a positive environment in which to grow, and gives us the self-discipline and inner-strength necessary to progress along the path of yoga.Central to the philosophy of yoga is the universal spiritual concept of reaping what you sow: the law of Karma.At least 24 hours advance notice is required for all deliveries.

We give operators the ability to fully manage their own games and deliver players a unique and highly entertaining omni-channel Bingo experience.Fuel Surcharge A fuel surcharge will be assessed to all deliveries when OTR fuel prices are above .00 per gallon.Please Note: None of our delivery trucks are allowed to drive off the edge concrete or paved surfaces, nor can they drive over curbs or sidewalks.The five main kleshas vary in intensity on our psyche, from being inconsequential in their effect to utter blindness.The kleshas not only create suffering, but are said to bind us to the endless cycle of birth and rebirth, and thus preventing us from achieving enlightenment.The second limb of Patanjali's eight-limbed yoga system contains the five internal practices of Niyama (observance).