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From about the 4 century CE, but nothing much is known about Dan from this period.The Jewish historian Josephus Flavius mentions Dan in his accounts and confirms it is the site of Jeroboams golden calf (The Jewish War, 4:3).Also the Ussishkin Museum, in Kibbutz Dan, has a good collection.

After a courtyard there is another gate to a covered rectangular building which comprised four rooms.

From this a wide street leads up to the city, which is protected on its southern side by a high city wall.

The entrance slope led from east to west to a large square gate.

The behind-lying building was multi-gated, with seven towers and many different rooms.

This fertile station on the ancient caravan route from Egypt to Syria is fed by one of the tributaries of the Jordan, the Dan Spring which flows down from Mount Hermon.

The spring pours out 250 million cubic meters per year.The elders listened to pleas that were brought to their attention (Amos , Zachary ).In this pre-email era the gate was also the place to indulge in gossip (Psalms ) and news about the big world outside.It was during this time that the patriarch Abraham and his men pursued the northern kings who had captured his nephew Lot as far as Dan (according to Genesis ).Although the tribe of Dan settled the tel in the 11 century BCE, they did not leave any archeological remains.In another development, Jeroboam also added another fortification ring outside the old city wall, which included a monumental gate.