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In order to take control of a Drone, find a empty drone shell (usually these will be in robotics) and then left click it. Drones can climb through connected vents to quickly move around the station.

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Feel free to change your character's appearance and/or name, just make sure your character has a reasonable first and last name, and for your first time, stick with Human as their race. Trust me, do not pick any other job as you're still only learning the basics and are not ready for them! You'll join the other players on the Station by spawning into the Arrivals Shuttle - don't get scared if it's been blown to pieces and you spawn into deadly space, it happens from time to time and you'll get to try again soon.

Let us introduce to you what you are seeing, starting from the tabs located in the upper right corner: Your inventory is along the bottom and lower left of the screen (yellow area on the first picture).

Commands are to the lower right corner, and your personal status is on the right edge of the screen (pink area on the first picture). This can mean you're trying to wake someone up, help them stand (both of which require an empty hand), give them CPR (to keep them alive if their status is critical) or medication, if you're compassionately inclined.

As stated earlier, trying to help someone with an item equipped will usually just make you beat them with the object, and then have you possibly be beaten by security - also known as being passive-aggressive.

Access: Everywhere Additional Access: N/ADifficulty: Easy Supervisors: Your laws Duties: Maintain the integrity of the station. Guides: Guide to construction, Guide to advanced construction, Singularity Engine, Solars, Guide to Telecommunications Quote: Aww what a cute little- HEY THAT FUCKIN' DRONE JUST STOLE THE RCD!!

IMPORTANT: As a Drone you MUST NOT DISTURB THE ONGOING ROUND, you are bound to three simple laws.

They cannot interact with any non-drone person at all, at risk of destruction. And interacting with living beings in the process is never okay. They also have an internal storage chamber that can hold anything they can pick up, such as a toolbox or sheet of metal.

Drones are played by players who are currently ghosted. Drones also have built-in light sources, as bright as flashlights, for when they are working in dark areas.

Clicking yourself with the Help Intent gives you a brief self-diagnosis--if you don't have a health analyzer handy, at least you know what parts of your body to target when healing yourself.

Help intent also allows you to walk through other people instead of bumping into them.

Below is a quick tutorial to get you started on your first visit to SS13. Click the Save Setup button on Character Setup -screen and you will be an Assistant automatically the next time shift starts at the beginning.