So right from the starting blocks you have an income discrepancy between the two.In order for the relationship to equalize she needs to bring something of the same value to the relationship."Perhaps if you Western women showed your husbands some respect and appreciation for being a good husband the divorce rate in your country wouldn’t be over 50%." This interaction is a perfect illustration of why so many farang men fall in love with Thai women.

Unfortunately, Western women cherish the concept of equality too much.

Tell a secretary making £30,000 a year that she needs to bring something extra to the table in order to marry a software engineer making £60,000 and, rightly or wrongly, she’ll accuse you of being a chauvinist. Tradition says that their job is to be the primary earner so they accept it unquestioningly. Even though, traditionally, that means that the woman should shoulder more of the household chores and generally try to provide a good home life for her husband who has been fulfilling his traditional role, many farang women feel that that role is outdated and beneath them. Maybe she knows just when and just how to stroke her husband’s ego. I don’t know what it is as it will be different for different couples but without the balance the relationship is doomed.

She asked why it should seem so strange to do something for her husband that he finds relaxing and enjoying.

Like I said, she was biting her tongue as best she could but her feelings were eventually betrayed in her last sentence on the topic.

Farang women cherish their equality too much to do something that seems to them to be so one-sided.

However there’s an inequality in most farang / farang relationships.Cassidy could never imagine replying to Craigslist ad regarding a modeling job would lead her to getting fucked on cam in a hotel room.Our man Klein sure knows how to trick a pretty yet totally inexperienced chick into sucking his dick and taking it balls deep from every angle.Likewise, you’re far more likely to find an attractive man married to an average looking woman than to find an attractive woman married to an average looking man.There are no absolutes here but just going by the numbers this is more true than not.And like finding out your girlfriend has been sleeping around on you behind your back the farang man feels humiliated for being taken for such a fool. Obviously you cannot talk about an entire sex and not have exceptions.