Things to talk about when dating

Don’t be afraid to make "just" small talk on your first date.It’s OK to talk about the weather; in fact, it should be expected that on your first date you’d just be scratching the surface of all the things you could possibly talk about with your social companion.

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Don’t eat a large meal together on your first date.

Eating in front of someone you are trying to impress can lead to embarrassing and awkward moments.

A warm, friendly sense of humor is always attractive on a first date. Give your date a compliment on any unique clothing or accessories they're wearing. Making small talk on a first date is easier when you pose questions that start with, “What do you think of…?

You know how the saying goes – men are from Mars, women are from Venus and they both speak totally, fucking different languages.

You don’t want to disclose too many personal details early on (i.e.; childhood trauma, family issues, health issues, your greatest fears). People like to express who they are through the things they wear and the way they decorate themselves. Telling someone they have beautiful legs on a first date is kind of creepy.

If this person is the right person for you, talking about intimate topics such as family history and personal health issues will come up naturally as the two of you develop stronger emotional bonds and feelings of trust. But a compliment on their radiant smile is always nice.If you are shy or nervous about going on a date with someone new, here are some tips and suggestions to help make your first meeting memorable.These tips for first dates are useful for other kinds of dates, not just romantic dates.They understand that it’s as much about what they can get a woman saying back to them.It’s this conversational effort that a woman commits that will help you find commonalities between the two of you to create rapport, and help you discover unique things about her that you can show genuine attraction towards; both crucial ingredients if you are to escalate the interaction towards a romantic or sexual outcome.A large meal can also be expensive and it invites more opportunities for one, or both, of you to commit a faux-pas.