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And after that happened, Vaughn started sabotaging everything with his threesome talk and other things. And he's going to end up with a woman who doesn't work and just cooks and cleans. Vaughn doesn't need a wife, he needs a therapist to deal with his social anxiety. And they already have an apartment anyway so why the heck not?They end up married for ten years until Doug dies in a freak hair transplant accident.

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Skipping that fucking softball game is going to be the end of Jamie.

Yeah, apparently that’s a dealbreaker for the Hehners. I feel like Doug needs to live in a different city, away from them. Sure, Doug isn't a Graham Bunn or a Brad, but he’s a nice guy with some height; that's the best she can hope for right now. I feel like she's trying to make sure Doug's family members don't get too used to seeing her around. I think the things you are saying are definitely true: she's leaving herself a way out, she's avoiding sexual intimacy, but I guarantee you that she would do that in any "real" relationship too. She'd have a hard time giving herself to anyone in a real way, and that goes along with her repeated to attempts to find love via TV.

" Yes, PLEASE make your case for why you think they're really going to make it! If she's keeping him from banging the hottest girl who has ever allowed him to touch her, there's no mom on Earth that will keep him from that.

Because as I've written, I don't think Jamie's had any kind of change of heart: I think she had a moment at the wedding when her reality show experience overrode her actual feelings and she realized she'd better start acting nicer or she was going to look REALLY bad on the show. By the way, that's what I like about these two: there is some acknowledgement that this might be the best they can do and possibly their last hope.

They should get rid of the death penalty and force condemned men to live at Monet's place. Now I think she just keeps mentioning her bad parental situation to excuse how weird and awkward she is with Doug's parents, by which I mean Doug's mom.

Seriously though, Jamie's sister's place didn't look that bad. When they finally had Doug's parents over for dinner this week and his mom was like, "What I've seen from you -- which, granted, hasn't been much -- you seem very sincere," all Jamie heard was the part where she said she thought Jamie was great and not the passive-aggressive dig about not seeing enough of her.

She has made no concessions, even at her own place!

And then the dude just wants to be left alone in quiet sometimes and she proceeds to instigate. Independent" more than me, but at some point you have to do things with couplehood in mind.

Vaughn and Monet: addicted to hate sex, with zero interest in spending time together doing literally anything else.

Yes, here is where it feels like the show is intervening a bit on what is really happening.

Vaughn has done that, at least a little, and Monet hasn't. Anyway: I still think Jamie's going to be back in her apartment with Lady before too much longer -- I mean, she must meet rich doctors who outshine Doug EVERY DAY -- but I look forward to seeing whether you're right that she'll figure out Doug is good enough. I have a long theory about how dogs are holding single women back, but we probably shouldn’t get into that.