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Christopher Heard allegedly sexually assaulted two women after offering to drive them home.Heard, a veteran officer, is facing two counts of sexual assault after the provincial Special Investigations Unit looked into complaints against him — the allegations have not been proven in court and Heard was suspended with pay while his case is before the courts.

It would probably be too expensive to monitor all our police 24/7, but the fact such surveillance is necessary is the sad point.We can’t trust our police, and we shouldn’t spend a fortune monitoring them instead of acknowledging why they need to be watched in the first place.Cameras can be part of the effort for police accountability, but the money and time needed to employ them would be far better spent in directly addressing the violence the Toronto police continue to perpetrate against the public.Body cameras are the new tasers, the new technological wonder that allows us to avoid calling out police brutality.The police services board is currently considering a proposal to equip all of Toronto’s 3,200 front line officers with body cameras.

The cameras alone will cost million, but we would pay much more for the significant police labour needed to manage all the video footage."Some police will simply decide not to turn on their cameras at all," writes Desmond Cole."By assuming this kind of discretion makes sense, the police are demonstrating their tolerance for inevitable abuses, from unnecessary searches to sexual assault to homicide."During separate incidents last year, Toronto Police Sgt.A huge collection of hidden cam Japanese couple porn, stashed with oral sex scenes, doggy style and plenty other kiky things couple do.Burlington, ON Live Cam CBC Toronto Webcam CBLT-TV 5 Parliament Hill Webcam (Right column) CP24Live Traffic Cams Webcam (Animation below image) Lake Oakville, ON Lake Ontario Cam ("Camera Map" link) Markham's First Webcam - 48Cam Ministry of Transportation Traffic Cams Mississauga, ON City Hall Webcam Mount St.Public fear that police can abuse their power explains the emerging popularity of police cameras, especially body worn cameras, as a way of achieving greater police accountability. Toronto police are also investigating Heard for misconduct: he is accused of not turning on the camera in his police cruiser when he picked up one of the women, who claims he assaulted her inside the car.