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He refused to wear it, or to eat, for days at a time.

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Evans' third wife, Julia Marquand, eventually had a child by her brother-in-law, sparking bitterness between the couple.

He began lashing out at Marquand and her daughter, and gradually descended into a deep depression.

I was handed over to the women, and they dressed me up in frocks and petticoats," Evans later said of the experience.

Doctors diagnosed him with "cerebral mania" and "mental weakness," and offered him only female attire to wear.

She began using the name Edward De Lacy Evans, started dressing in men's clothes, and married Delahunty.

(In line with Evans' apparent wish to live as a man, male pronouns shall be used henceforth.) According to accounts from the time, the couple "did not live comfortably together", and they separated in 1862.

Local sideshow operators offered the hospital five Australian pounds a week to display Evans as an oddity.

After his release, Evans did appear in one such travelling carnival, where reporters noted that he appeared "weak and half-witted" from the ordeal.

For Marquand, though, this might also have been a face-saving excuse.

She also later claimed that she did not know how she got pregnant, and that she must have mistaken an intruding "real man" for Evans when he snuck into her house.

Sideshows billed him as "The Wonderful Male Impersonator" and a pamphlet about his life, , was published in 1880.