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” Aikman, who calls games for NFL on FOX, is certainly used to speaking publicly. Aikman is not gay, and Bayless was just being Bayless when he wrote about Aikman’s sexual orientation many, many years ago.

Plus, there was that whole embarrassing direct message situation Aikman had a couple years back.

The sound builds as it travels down the long tunnel and seeps in underneath the door. He receives more than 20,000 pieces of fan mail each year, some from people who’ve written him every month since he was drafted by the Cowboys nearly ten years ago.

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The reason Aikman is so angry that Bayless wrote that in his book 20 years ago is that it is untrue.

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” A thin smile crosses his face, and for several seconds he says nothing.

THE MOST FAMOUS QUARTERBACK IN AMERICA FIXES HIS BLUE eyes directly on mine and says, “My life is not what you think it is.” “It’s not?

Scattered around the room are the accoutrements of one of the most successful careers in pro sports.