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The process can be repeated the next time an update is accidentally starting to download, but it always requires quick action.

You must move quick because some software updates are quite small and with a fast internet connection the i OS update will quickly download and start trying to install.

If you have chosen to accept an i OS software update in i Tunes that you immediately realize you do not want to actually install, you can stop the i OS update process in i Tunes by intervening quickly on a Mac or Windows PC.

Speed is important, if you hesitate too long after pressing the update buttons in i Tunes then it is quickly too late (depending on the side of the update download) and you’ll need to just let the update complete installation, possibly considering a downgrade.

This obviously requires i Tunes, and at the moment there is no way to ignore or end i OS software updates from happening on the device itself directly in i OS.

Users can stop the i OS software update notifications on an i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch but the i OS update will attempt to continue to download itself to the device and harangue the user to install unless some preventative measures are taken.

Note this actually stops i Tunes from downloading the update and proceeding with the install, it doesn’t just stop the i OS update notification like what is available from on the device.

After i Tunes alerts you to new software updates being available and after you have clicked to “Check for Update” or “Download and Update”, you need to act fast and move quick to stop the update…

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