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Personally, I'm so used to the start menu and mouse and keyboard that after playing around with the new windows UI, I try to seek options that mimic the old start menu.

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I'm glad that Microsoft continues to invest in touchscreens, but it's clear a large portion of the Windows user base demands a first-class non-touch experience, in addition to however the touch side pans out.Personally, I think Windows 8.1 isn't bad, but it's clear that for many users, there's demand for a Start menu and a UI designed for mice and keyboards.Those users constitute more than half the active PC user base and are still growing in number.The OS's popularity testifies to how many existing Windows users had no interest in Windows 8 and its touch-oriented UI.Read Windows 10: 11 Big Changes.] Last month, Windows 8.1 posted its largest user share gains to date; Win 8 and 8.1's combined share of nearly 17% trails Windows XP share slightly and Windows 7 share by more than 30 percentage points but is up from only 12.26% in September.

But recent data from the NPD Group indicates that as sales of Windows 8.1 devices have recently increased, the average sales price has decreased.I agree that touchscreens have some appeal on PCs; I'm typing this message on a Surface Pro 3, and I often use its touchscreen even in laptop mode to scroll up and down through websites-- so much so that if I switch over to a Mac or my Windows 7 PC, I find myself tapping at the screen before realizing it's futile.So I don't mean to indicate that touch is absolutely useless on PCs;rather, I mean to indicate that touch, as realized in Windows 8 and 8.1, hasn't swayed the majority of the PC market, most of which continues to invest in mouse-and-keyboard UI.So, despite science fiction's best stories and the use of touchscreens in movies that portray the future...people think it's cool to see on the TV/movie screen but they really don't want it in their own lives?"how many existing Windows users had no interest in Windows 8 and its touch-oriented UI" Oh, see, that is my favorite part of Windows 8.The implication, according to NPD, is that cheaper Windows devices are responsible for the sales surge.