Updating activesync

Either choice was widely -- and correctly -- perceived as a bad deal.Neither protocol works especially well for mobile devices because each depends on connection-based polling.

Exchange itself is usually not the root of the problem, the mail clients (Active Sync, i OS devices, Blackberries, i Cal) and their connectivity protocol tend to be the culprits. For instance, if someone accepts a meeting at 9am on an i Phone and a delegate declines it at am on a PC, but the i Phone is out of signal range and doesn't sync the meeting until say am., what happens to the meeting?Are you using Exchange Active Sync (EAS) to access your exchange account from your phone?Posted on Mon, Jan 23, 2017 PMFor support, visit our public forum or contact Kerio Technical support.If you have a feature request, you can suggest your idea through the administration interface.The Nexus 4,5, and 7, the Google Play Editions of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Motorola Moto X are part of this group.

However, the phone manufacturers and wireless carriers are announcing that Kit-Kat will be made available for other models soon, so the number of devices that are affected will continue to grow until the patch is available for download.

Even Microsoft's staunchest competitors, including Google and IBM, have adopted EAS as the basis of mobile-device access for their own email server products.

EAS is making inroads on the desktop, too, now that the Windows 8 Mail application and Microsoft Outlook 2013 both support its use.

There have been widespread reports that the latest update for Android (version 4.4 also known as Kit-Kat) is causing Exchange Active Sync connectivity issues.

The problems vary from not being able to authenticate to the server when setting up an Exchange account to synchronization stopping for Active Sync accounts that are already on the device.

There are three major updates that Microsoft announces in the new Exchange Active Sync v16: If you are following the topics related to Exchange, then don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the Exchange synchronization.