Updating facebook with twitter

With this feature DMs can be sent only to new followers, not to existing followers.We will interrupt the auto-DM process for 72 hours and give you an opportunity to manually review new followers and decide if you want to send that person a welcome DM.

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Friends that are found with that keyword will be added to the list of your choice.

For example, you could define a keyword of "@yourusername" (which will find people who mention you) and create a private list called "Mentioned Me", which you connect to that keyword.

Friend Finder will then add the people who mention you to your Mentioned Me list.

Instruct the system to maintain the list at a size of your choice (up to a maximum 500 Twitter accounts), and the system will automatically rotate out the oldest entries when it adds new ones to the list.

With our tweet purge you can delete all the tweets currently on your Twitter account, and start over with a clean slate.

Send a nice non-promotional DM to new followers that focus on them and your future interaction with them, or simply to thank them for choosing to follow you.You explicitly grant our application limited access only for what we need to do.Keep the shares on your Linked In profile and Linked In Company Page ticking over with interesting content for your connections.Schedule them in Social Oomph and we will make sure that they are posted to Linked In at the date and time of your choosing. Our application uses the secure Linked In application-to-application integration technology, as provided by Linked In, to perform the tasks you request on your account.Send emails from your existing email address to an email address that you own (on your own server, or on Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and have those emails turned into standard social updates and published on your Twitter account(s), your Facebook account(s), your Facebook Page(s), Linked In shares, and other social accounts.The system will automatically add new friends (once you approve them) into your Twitter lists.