Updating knotty pine kitchen cabinets

Even with these remaining items, I estimate we’ll be in the 0-700 range for the whole schlebang.

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If there is no existing hardware on your cabinets, you can easily install it yourself with a drill bit.

Look at home improvement and cabinetry manufacturing showrooms for unusual options.

With the new tall faucet, it’s like the sink has had an addition put on. We’re about two-thirds of the way through our renovation.

The kitchen island cabinets and drawers all need to be given JR’s magic woodworking touch, then painted, and we’ve yet to deal with the small countertops at the sink and next to the stove which need replacing, plus there’s a litte re-grouting and a trompe l’oeil backsplash trick I’m hoping to pull off.

You can produce numerous modern effects through faux finishing techniques.

Options to consider include gold gilding, for an elegant effect, creating a crackled paint surface for a chic modern twist on vintage decor, or distressing by painting and then selectively sanding away portions of paint at edges.

That is what we’re going to do to the cabinets.”Lucky for us, JR is uber-talented and handy with woodworking tools.

This, I know, is not common, so when we get to the part where we’ve spent less than 0 so far on our kitchen renovation, please remember that if you (or your partner, or your kitchen renovation volunteer – wow, that’s a good friend! He simply used his table saw to create grooves spaced 3-inches apart.

Stain or paint decorative wood trim or narrow crown molding and apply it to the borders of your pine cabinets.

This approach gives a whole new look to the cabinets with little effort.

Westinghouse bought CBS in 1995 (if the name sounds familiar to you in any way), however, they sold their appliance business in the 1970′s.