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Hello, On April 10th, I received an update to my Ge Force 6150SE n Force 430 through Windows update (was marked as an important update).Since then I keep getting error messages in event viewer that show the NVIDIA Daemon and updater fail.Nvidia has reportedly released new drivers to fix the issue, following widespread user complaints on forums and Reddit about Windows 10 driver problems.

All: I wanted share my learnings from a recent, fairly frustrating support experience.The background: I have a Lenovo T420s with Optimus and since it supports Widi 2.0 I had wanted to get that working.NVIDIA may be overstating the performance increases you will get, and it probably won’t be as pronounced on older graphics cards. Some newer games may refuse to run with old, unoptimized graphics drivers installed.Of course, if you never play PC games on your computer and don’t care about 3D graphics performance, you don’t really need to update your graphics drivers at all.The first issue I had was that playback of a video on the widi monitor hung after 5-15 minutes of playback.

The initial post on Intel's communities website suggested I needed to update my video driver.However, graphics drivers for your NVIDIA, AMD, or even Intel graphics hardware are a big exception.Updates to your computer’s motherboard, sound card, and network drivers don’t generally give speed improvements.Then when it tries to install the drivers it just says it failed to install.So I ran it again, this time I did custom installation and opted for a clean install... and stayed black for over 15 minutes with nothing changing.The good news is that I have been able to install the Intel Driver package. step 1 is to uninstall the currently installed Intel and nvidia graphic driversstep 2 is to disable optimus in the bios - boot to only the intel graphics adapterstep 3 - the OS boots with no video device found - using windows update it got me a 'vanilla' intel hd driver and installed finestep 4 - after the reboot, the latest intel driver loads finestep 5- reenable optimus in the biosstep 6 - reload the nvidia drivers (I use the verde drivers from the nividia web site) Hopefully most folks dont have this level of trouble with their optimus drivers but this worked for me and is worth a shot if anyone is struggling with the intel driver update.