Updating old bookcase

If the doors are damaged or clash with the room's decor, replace the doors with new, inexpensive cabinet faces from the home improvement store.

Replace sagging shelves with plywood, a material that has been specially laminated to resist warping and sagging.

If the bookcase has been previously stained or painted, a new coat of primer and paint can invigorate the look very inexpensively.

) it freed up some space for styling and accessorizing.We also decided to consolidate the DVD collection by getting rid of the sleeves and putting all the disks into a notebook with 3-ring disk holder inserts.A built-in bookcase is more than a handy storage unit.Situated in a living room, study or master bedroom, the bookcase is an important component of the home's overall style and architectural detail.An outdated, ugly bookcase sitting in a finely furnished room sticks out like a sore thumb.

Fortunately, updating a built-in unit costs little and yields marvelous results.Similar to the catwalks of Paris, paint colors change with the seasons.The powder pinks and blues of the Eisenhower era or the avocado greens and synthetic brick paneling of the 1970s sharply clash with today's fresh styles.As much as I wanted to paint the wood white, it just wouldn’t have fit with the rest of our decor. The peach flower was cut out of a gardening magazine and placed in an old frame I wasn’t using. (Thanks Becki for this darling little ceramic one in her nest!And here’s another page cut out of a gardening magazine. ) There’s even enough leftover room to add more baskets or storage boxes if we need to.As a focal point of a room, the built-in bookcase should reflect the home's architectural style.