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And as our year-end wind down is winding down, we’re letting ourselves off the leash a little and assembling this unwieldy monster—an unashamedly scrappy and random list of The Most Memorable Movie Moments of the Year aka Every Damn Thing That We Couldn’t Find Anywhere Else to Talk About.

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Because here we find ourselves nearly washed up on the far shore of 2013 and there are still a bevy of niggling details (from hairpieces to spectacular deaths to eyeroll-inducing plot turns to questionable nudity) that, good or bad, haven’t slotted neatly into one of our other features, but deserve at least a pithy line or two before we lay the year to rest.

Here then, in no discernible order, with a glorious, liberating lack of logic and fair warning of SPOILERS liberally dotted throughout, is our grab-bag assortment of the 2013 Movie Moments that are still rattling around our brains.

Best Mentally Scarring Sex Scene With A Car Everyone might have been talking about the “Blue Is The Warmest Color” sex scene this year, but the one that we can’t stop thinking about—not necessarily in a good way—is that moment in Ridley Scott‘s “The Counselor,” when Cameron Diaz has sex with a car.

Meantime we’re all off to make out with each other at the Christmas party, which this year has a “Wolf of Wall Street” theme.

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It’s mostly off-screen, but the uncomfortably-turned-on shock on the face of Javier Bardem‘s Brian Grazer-haired drug dealer, as he describes the, uh, ‘catfish’ on his windshield pretty much gets the whole thing across.