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It may have come from e Lite Multimedia, a computer shop in Hong Kong's Central district.

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Employees who discovered over 1,300 intimate photographs of Chen and numerous female celebrities may have secretly copied these files.One close friend indicated that Chen liked to take photographs during intimate moments with his sexual partners, of whom 14 were celebrities, and privately showed these to a select group of close friends.This evolution of technology in daily life and social organization has led to the fact that the modernization of information and communication processes has become the driving force of sociocultural evolution.While still nascent, Sextech has seen a recent boom in mainstream acceptance, due to a big push from female-led firms in the space.The following day, a second explicit photograph of Chen with another starlet appeared on the Internet. Gillian Chung had taken a leave of absence, and would not comment on the matter.

Shaped by the denials, the initial media consensus was that the photographs were hoaxes.

On one, journals identified Cecilia Cheung from her distinctive tattoo set.

At this time I am not able to discuss matters related to the case, but I do feel it is my obligation to accept full responsibility and take action to help both the victims and those associated with them to heal their wounds.

The first intimate photograph, with likenesses of Chen and Gillian Chung, was posted on the Hong Kong Discuss Forum at approximately p.m. Although the original post was deleted after a few hours, the image did the rounds at other major forums in Hong Kong such as Uwants and HKGolden.

Chung's management agency, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), immediately challenged its authenticity, and filed a police report.

Notable individuals include Stephanie Alys from Mystery Vibe, Cindy Gallop from MLNP, Polly Rodriguez from Un Bound, Kate Moyle from Pillow Play, Dr Kate Devlin from Goldsmiths University and journalists including Alix Fox, Nichi Hodgson, Rebecca Newman, Gigi Engle, Bryony Cole and Girl On The Net.