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And maybe it’s because she was a fan of the team before becoming a supportive wife that she finds it perfectly okay to heckle her husband after a particularly lame play. ”In the early stages of their romance, she was no less critical. Union can laugh about the fact that she once called Wade “a fetus” for being nine years her junior.

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“I have to be touched and moved by the experience, the words, the story.

I definitely can’t go back to cash grabs anymore.”, the true story of Nat Turner, who led a slave rebellion in Virginia in 1831.

“It was very But even before falling madly in love and tying the knot, she says, there was always a friendship and a willingness to open up to each other. If you have the chance to marry your best friend, I would highly recommend it.”Much like Brangelina, for Union and Wade—who were both married once before—his children played a big part in their marriage plans. ”) or dinner at Komodo (“Dave Grutman is a close longtime friend and always creates a fun, magical, fly environment, and the food is killer”) or MC Kitchen (“This place is one of our staples.

“If you have good, effective, honest communication, you can handle any issue or problem in a relationship. We really, really enjoy spending time with each other more than anybody else. “D and I could have gone on for a long time as boyfriend and girlfriend,” she says, “but the kids were the driving force in wanting us to be a legitimate, like, real—and I’m using my finger quotes—family in their eyes. Although I have attempted to send him for tampons, he won’t do it! We are obsessed with Dena [Marino], the chef and owner, and the short rib is delicious! In February she inked a deal with the Hollywood, Florida–based watch company Invicta to create a collection for the brand, Gabrielle Union for Invicta, a collaboration that gives her another way to express her creativity and unique point of view, she says. It’s become such a fun outlet for expression.” Later in the year she’ll appear in the films Out of the limelight, Union and Wade take turns playing good cop and bad cop to their kids. “There’s basically an imaginary chart: ‘I was bad cop last time; now it’s your turn.

On one such occasion, she catches the eye of one of the plantation’s white guests.

“He sees her and feels entitled to her body,” Union explains.

“I just really wanted to—not only as an actor, but as a sexual-assault victim myself—convey the powerlessness that one feels, the voicelessness, the terror, the heartbreak, the physical, emotional, spiritual devastation.

This experience was extremely powerful and moving, and it happened at the right time in my life, when I needed to find more purpose in my work.

With leaps and bounds of advances, it’s still grossly unequal—and that goes for the Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, and LGBT communities as well.

We’ve made strides, but if Hollywood is really going to mirror the world that it’s catering to, we have a long, long way to go.”In fact, diversity in all its forms—racial, ethnic, musical, culinary—is the main reason that Union loves Miami so much.

“We really enjoy Walmart, Target, going to the grocery store. I’m the line of defense, I guess, before dad.” Photography by Randall Slavin. Makeup by Rachel Goodwin at Starworks Artists using Chanel Makeup.