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The doting dad wrote on Twitter, “I never cried and smiled at the same time until today. My baby chocolate and beautiful.” The happy couple also decided to name their beautiful baby Zyla Moon Oluwakemi. “Imma keep workin on me and pray to God I can design a young princess who flourishes to an absolute queen ..Wale also posted a photo on his Instagram account which features Zyla’s small hand holding on to her daddy’s index finger. I got u baby…U go girl…You are my everything and I’ll see to it we SHINE my precious Zyla.” Congratulations to Wale and Chloe Alexis on their new bundle of joy. I keep the most important things in my life so far away from people because I'm sensitive . So many ppl that stayed up wit me and talked me thru such a sensitive subject …

“Two or three months” into their courtship, Mc Call says that Marcille was pregnant with their daughter, Marley.“That’s the funny thing. He didn’t specify whether or not he began taking his frustrations out on Eva, but he did admit to arguing with her prior to her filing for a restraining order against him.“It was a regular argument like men and women have.

You know whoever calls the police first, the other goes to jail, as Mike Epps would say.”“I’m not calling her a liar. I forgive her for everything that happened, but there was no abuse that occurred.

Wife of Shatta Wale, Diamond Michelle Gbagonah popularly known as Shatta Michy has revealed exclusively on Delay’s show that she had sex with Shatta Wale the very first day they met.

According to her, she was 17 then, and she had just gone to meet Shatta Wale for the very first time at his Nima residence and it all happened that one thing led to the other and eventually, they ended up having sex.

On how she met Shatta Wale, she said, “I met him on Facebook, and we became good friends on Facebook, I was then in Norway.

When I came to Ghana, any person I asked about Shatta Wale, it was all about the negative, and it was all those negative stories I heard which got me more attracted to him because I was also a bad girl loading.” She continued, “So he asked me to come over to his Nima residence, and after some good conversation, we ended up having sex that very day we met.

Thank You to all my friends so many , Iman/Teyana . I just want to honestly be the best version of myself I can be..

My focus is renewed I'm infinitely in love with my princess and I truly appreciate all the love you have shown her and how understanding many people who knew were keep workin on me and pray to God I can design a young princess who flourishes to an absolute queen ..

However, Mc Call insists that it was Marcille who actually made the first move.“She was like, ‘Who is this dude? I broke down my studio door.”“I didn’t chase her around the house. The pair eventually separated again, but Kevin admits that he has a “anything is possible” attitude when it comes to the possibility of reconciling with Eva.

He looks like he came straight out of the state penitentiary. I need that.’”According to Kevin’s version of events, she learned more about who he was and got his phone number from a mutual friend. I think that caused a lot of problems in our relationship.”Following Marley’s birth, things began to unravel for the singer.

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