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A photo has emerged which may show Hollywood gossip blogger Perez Hilton being punched in the face during a confrontation outside a Canadian nightclub. I didn't hit you,' he said.'Instead of calling police, you Twittered that I assaulted you. That's just messed up.', real name William Adams, said the argument started when his bandmate Fergie asked Perez, 'Hey, do you have a problem with me? Openly gay Perez admitted he hit back with several slurs: 'I told him, "And you know what, I don't need to respect you. You're gay and stop being such a f**got.'After seeing's video, Perez responded with a video of his own. You're shameful, you're disgusting, you're a coward.'He then broke down in tears as he ended the video.

The shot, which was posted on a Candian gossip website today, seems to show the pink-haired Perez flinching as a fist makes contact with the right side of his face. No joke.' Hours later, the rapper set up his own Twitter account and put his side of the story across.'Perez Hilton is a liar,' he said in one Tweet, then filmed a short video clip to further deny the assault claims. Sounds like somebody wants mad attention.'He added: 'They are lies. 'Perez was said to have responded: 'No, I just don't like your record.'Perez has frequently criticised Fergie's fashion sense on his blog, labelling her 'fugly', which mean 'f***ing ugly', and has slammed the Black Eyed Peas' latest album The E. Showing off what looked like a black eye he claimed that after a number of run-ins with Will.throughout the night, he was assaulted by the star's manager Molino.'What happened to me in Toronto happened to me as a human being and it should never happen to anyone,' he said. In another video, Perez hits out at the group as a whole.

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Perez took to micro-blogging site Twitter within minutes of the alleged attack, writing: 'I was assaulted by Will. I need the police ASAP,' his first read, soon adding: 'I spoke to my lawyer.

Later that evening, Will.allegedly approached Perez outside the Cobra club, telling him 'never write things about my band on your website again'.

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