When do dj and steve start dating christine akiteng dating your ex review

Despite being hormonal teenagers living under the same roof, Franklin says that Kimmy’s daughter and D.

Not only did we get to meet Joey's wacky family, but D. finally made a choice between Matt and Steve, well, sort of. While Matt has a young, athletic girlfriend named Crystal, Steve is dating a D.

While she ultimately picked herself last season, in the first episode of season two she finally makes a decision between the two men in her life.

To this day, I watch reruns and fall in love with the storylines all over again.

Well, the Netflix lords have blessed us by creating “Fuller House,” a spinoff series of “Full House.”We’ll get to catch up with DJ, Steph and Kimmy and see what they’re up to now and how much their lives have changed. Unfortunately, the Olsen twins will not be joining the cast, so no more Michelle Tanner. Think about how many random boys were on “Full House.” I mean, damn, those girls had their pick. I’m sure you remember Steve, DJ’s lovable (and very hungry) steady boyfriend.

They lived a happy, prototypical life in San Francisco... That tragedy is what sets up the events of , where we catch up with Steve and DJ more than two decades after prom night.

Steve is still hopelessly in love with DJ, a fact he won't let her forget. When viewers meet the now-adult Steve -- who's a local podiatrist and the owner of Comet Jr. -- he's telling DJ, "I should've just asked you to marry me at the prom." Listen, Steve.

is heartbroken that she is all alone, she tries her best to shake it off.

If you’re a DJ/Steve fan, you’re going to be kind of bummed.

But anyway, this cutie pie gave Steph the smooch of her life and sparks flew. Michelle was heartbroken and it was the saddest freaking thing in the world.

They didn’t really date but whatever, they were feeling each other. Katie Corvino graduated from The University of Michigan in 2015 and joined Elite Daily shortly after as the Senior Entertainment Writer.

When he and DJ went to prom together in the series finale, I audibly swooned in front of my television.