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We use the free PHPMailer script to send the email.

We send an email to the user requesting confirmation.Then we intimate the admin that a user has registered.Then we collect and ‘sanitize’ the form submission data (always do this before sending email, saving to database etc).The form submission is then saved to the database table.If it is not unique, we return error back to the user. The Create Table() function in the fg_file creates the table.

Here is the code: The id_user field will contain the unique id of the user, and is also the primary key of the table.For server side validations, we will use the PHP form validation script Now we have to handle the form data that is submitted.Here is the sequence (see the file fg_in the downloaded source): First, we validate the form submission.Notice that we allow 32 characters for the password field.We do this because, as an added security measure, we will store the password in the database encrypted using MD5.Note that you have configured the Database login details in the membersite_file.