White parents beat daughter for dating black man Sex girl chat ps

i say loosen up and let your son do what he wants in this situation.there is nothing wrong w/ dating outside of your race.

I worry, if the effect that could be if they stay togeather and later have children, the ridicule the child will endure. Need i remind you though if you love God then the color of your sons girlfriend doesn't matter,do you realize where Jesus came from, I'm white also but it just mind puzzles me to think that our Lord is of the darker race,read your bible,hair of wool,and feet like bronze,to deny your son this right to love a different color,would deny you to love our God!For i believe that our God is black,brown,how ever you think you should label African Americans!I dont know how old your son is but i wish him and the girl the best!I will pray for them My son is white married to a black woman and three kids , I am proud to call her my daughterthe kids only have problems because of the way people like you thinkif she is a nice good girl whats her skin color have to do with anything I also will pray for you that YOU see the light and think about it are any of us really black or white My sons, both, have dated girls of different races and we are white.Once Aflonce Ncbube was outside the house, Jane Champion’s father reportedly grabbed her by the hair and began punching her while making comments about “bringing shame to the family,” the Daily Mail reports.

After the physical attack, Jane Champion sought safety at her grandmother’s house, but eventually returned home after the the situation with her parents had “calmed down.” A month after Jane Champion and Aflonce Ncube’s attacks, Daniel Champion reportedly went to a local bar to talk to his daughter and wanted to know if she was still dating Ncube.open up, get to know her, and maybe youll fall in love w/ her and change your mind on the whole thing.Accept your sons choice, frankly it is none of your biz.Frances and David Champion were convicted on assault charges relating to beating their daughter Jane Champion in the face, grabbing her around the throat, by the hair and leaving her body bruised.Champion’s boyfriend Aflonce Ncube was also physically attacked by her parents, enduring kicks to the legs and racist taunts, the Hinterland Gazette reports.I worry, if the effect that could be if they stay togeather and later have children, the ridicule the child will endure. Because the simple fact you have a problem with your son dating a black girl just goes to show how racist you are.