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"Go dtuga Dia suaimhneas d'anam"10 Other things to do and see near Corcomroe Abbey...1 Look out for the ringfort dissected by the road on the way out, identifiable by the raised circular mound topped by hawthorn trees.described by our own late, great poet Seamus Heaney (God Rest him) as capable of ‘catching the heart off guard and blowing it open’.

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8 Cois Linn B&B stay in this traditional style family run bed and breakfast in right in the heart of the Burren at Finavarra just a stones throw from the Flaggy Shore.9 Linannes Lobster Bar New Quay for atmosphere, good Guinness and fresh seafood with a breezy, sea view or in front of a roaring fire.Corcomroe Abbey was brought back to life several years ago with a Dawn Mass on Easter Sunday initiated by the late John O’Donoghue who wrote "Anam Cara" and sought to connect religion with local tradition, culture and the environment.This was a marvellous and very popular ecumenical event.2 Hike up to the holy well at Oughtmama said to be a cure for eyes or better still take a guided walk with local heritage expert John Connolly of Burren Walks across the fields to the forgotten churches, available twice daily in Bellharbour.

3 Take a walk along the green road which circles Abbey Hill, access behind New Quay church, with fantastic views out over Ballyvaughan, Black Head and Galway bay.

Carly: Look, do you have a question that's not about me and Freddie dating? Aspartamay: Your blood, it will boil, your flesh I shall burn it's eternal damnation, but I guess that you've earned it!

Aspartamay: [to Spencer] I'm saying that your tiranium belt buckle is improperly bejewelled. Spencer: You look like you're hungry, so taste the blade of Aruthor!

This is a major setback for Carly, since her crush Adam walks out of the conference hall, thinking Carly loves Freddie. Spencer: You emanate a stench so foul that when you're near it makes me howl!

Finally, Carly, Sam and Freddie try to explain to the audience that no one is dating, and that Carly likes Adam. Adam: [Nods and smiles; chuckles, and walks away] Carly: [Disappointed] That didn't go as well as I hoped... Aspartamay: I'll bleed ye dry and ye shall cry, (imitating a baby crying) Wah wah wah wah, ba ba ba ba ba! ['Por Fin' means "finally" in Spanish] Carly: NONE of us are dating!

10 Linalla Icecream treat yourself to an artisan icecream homemade by the Fahys from their own farm milk at Finavarra point, near the Martello tower might just round off the day nicely for you.