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Although she has no news on the sexual orientation front, she still has news for Ross - some that will change his life forever. Ross has trouble taking this all in and Carol says that although she and Susan will raise the child, he can be as involved as he wants.

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She says that, when she was a kid she barely had enough pieces of parents to make one whole one, but this baby isn't even born yet and he has three people fighting over which one of them gets to love him the most, and it is just the luckiest baby in the world.

When Phoebe later puts on a janitor's outfit with a nametag reading "Ben", it inspires Ross and Susan to propose Ben as the name for the baby.

Whilst keeping Ross company as he babysits Ben, Rachel witnesses Ben says his first word ("hi"). Joe on Ben to the point that he relinquishes the Barbie in favor of the soldier.

Ross then hears it, and Carol and Susan hear it too when they come to pick Ben up from Ross' apartment, and are excited that Ben is learning to talk. Ross' explanation of this to Carol and Susan is just that they have to make their peace with them, but Monica jumps in to ruin his manlyhood by revealing that he used to dress up as a woman called Bea and host tea-parties.

However, as Susan expected, he is not up to the task.

Carol and Susan happily announce their wedding plans to Ross.Reflecting the larger controversy surrounding gay marriage, Carol's parents refuse to attend the wedding, causing Carol to have second thoughts about her and Susan's decision, which almost leads to them calling the wedding off.In a totally unexpected situation, Ross] finds himself encouraging her to go ahead with the ceremony despite their opposition if she really loves Susan.At Monica's, Joey and Chandler experience a pleasurable yet uncomfortable situation when Carol breast-feeds Ben in front of them.Ross tells them to get over their sexual attitude and talk to Carol about it, and they mess it up in their own way.Carol knows he is right, so the preparations resume.