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He’d produced their original Video Kid video, and was also the mastermind behind their in-studio performance video for “Nevermind.” In August of 2005, TBM fans were able to view these videos at home in the bands very first DVD release.The Birthday Massacre introduced a new keyboard player from their hometown of London Ontario named O-En.In the summer of 2004, The Birthday Massacre released their much-anticipated second CD “Violet”.

A new “Dreaming” site was released soon after named The Violet Prison.

In the fall of 2004, TBM’s live keyboardist Adm left the band to pursue his own musical career.

Taking over for him was Brett from Aphasia (now known as Lye). Around that same time, things were starting to kick into gear with the International TBM camp, with The Birthday Massacre signing onto the German label, Repo Records.

A few months later came the release of Violet in Europe with bonus tracks from Nothing and Nowhere.

Rainbow and Chibi met while studying fine arts at Fanshawe College in London, Canada.

Aslan was also attending Fanshawe Collage and became roommates with Rainbow the same year.

After several weeks, the group decided on the name The Birthday Massacre.

Their song of the same title was renamed “Happy Birthday”.

They went on to play several more live shows in early 2002 and began work on writing and releasing a new CD.

In the spring of 2002, just before releasing their CD the band was blown a devastating hit.

The band released a seven song demo CD at the show. E who was also attending the same college saw the performance and the following month joined the band on drums.