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A joint collection with his father Sauro Lanzoni includes over 200 motorcycles, dirt bikes, racing bikes and a championship Ducati.

On March 30, 1999, a goose hit Fabio and died when he was on a roller coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, located in James City County, Virginia.

The erstwhile Miss USA contestant was jilted by Gil Hyatt, the blond, dull lug she chose Monday night over Brian Worth, the nice guy with the nonexistent chin, on the finale of NBC's "Average Joe: Hawaii," which aired here on KING/5. Gil and Larissa left one idyllic tourist trap (Hawaii) for another idyllic tourist trap flowing with tequila (Cabo San Lucas). There, during a walk on the beach, Larissa revealed the "shocking" secret in her past NBC mightily teased last week. Something else happened in that moment, too: A bland reality show sequel transformed from a manipulated pseudo-drama to a memorable absurd comedy.

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Fabio hosted the American reality television series Mr. The series featured a dozen male contestants competing for the title of "Mr.Romance" and the opportunity to appear as a romance novel cover model. He was also featured in calendars, led a fragrance campaign for Mediterraneum by Versace, and landed a role in commercials for "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! He appeared in The Bold and the Beautiful a number of times, as a close friend of the character Sally Spectra (Fabio and the late Darlene Conley, who played Sally, were close friends in real life).He has also cameoed in the films Dude, Where's My Car? In 1994, Fabio released an album titled Fabio After Dark, which included soliloquies on his philosophy of love.Fabio received a one-inch cut but no one else on the roller coaster was hurt.

It appears that dating Fabio can be a surefire deal-breaker for future relationships. And it led us to wonder whether Fabio was, indeed, relationship kryptonite or simply a convenient scapegoat for aspiring actor Gil to make the unforgettable exit he obviously sought.Mercer Island resident David Taylor, one of Fabio's closest friends, only heard about "Average Joe's" final act.But knowing about his best buddy, Taylor thinks Gil's abandonment had more to do with that second theory. Fabio has also appeared on the two Nickelodeon television series Ned's Declassified and Big Time Rush. He appeared in one episode of Step by Step called "Absolutely Fabio".In collaboration with Eugena Riley, Fabio has written a series of historical romance novels: Pirate, Rogue, Comanche, Viking and Champion.