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It could be their busy schedules or the fact that they are two different people who were essentially thrust upon one another for a few weeks, forced to spend countless hours in close contact.

Perhaps they don’t have much in common or their chemistry isn’t that of the romantic kind.

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There were no cameras on them, but Maks was spotted kissing her and hugging her.They seem super close, and it is definitely not just for the cameras. ” Rumor Fix reached out to Maks’ rep, who won’t comment on his personal life, but a source close to both of them tells Rumor Fix, “It’s 100 percent not true!The two were traveling in Belgium after Shaughnessy competed at the Nations Cup in Paris with he Theatre On Ice troupe Act I of Boston."We met at the Cranberry Open in 2008," Shaughnessy said. Once the music started, I don't think there was a moment where everyone wasn't dancing." It happened to be Alex Shibutani's birthday, and Belbin not only got him a card but put a "Birthday Boy" button on his pocket square.

Razzano mentioned that many of men in attendance went for the same color scheme.No one really knows what is going on between Meryl and Maks when the cameras are off and the doors are closed.As much as people would love to see them together, that might never happen…Ice dance superstars Tanith Belbin and Charlie White were married April 25 in West Bloomfield, Michigan.Meryl Davis was one of the bridesmaids, as were Brooke Castile and maid of honor Lauren Senft."We'd all had a fun few days leading up to the day of the wedding, but stepping into the venue on the day was something special," Davis said. "The beautiful glass ceiling really created a lovely change in the atmosphere as the sun went down between the ceremony and the reception," Davis said.