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Here, she shares with ESSENCE readers her ten secrets to finding real and lasting happiness—and tells us why she will always have a reason to smile.From a personal standpoint I can relate regarding hair."I hope you saw that conversation because it was a doozy," Oprah says. "You said, 'I heard you,' [and] I want you to know, I heard you too," Iyanla says. I thought that what I did was what you wanted and I, the person, didn't matter.

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“Anytime you go into a relationship to stop being by yourself, the relationship is doomed, she continued a little later on in the segment. The question remains though: is that not why anybody gets into a relationship? I would not be a great wife based on the definitions and the standards of today. I just so happened to make this hair changing move two months after dating my man.When he came back he absolutely LOVED my hair and was boggled by my insecurities, but truth be told if he didn’t I was at a point in my life where a transition was taking place, called love concerning my own hair and I was tired of altercations due to fear of others opinions.I would not be a great wife based on the definitions and the standards of today.

I’m a great partner because I see my partner as my equal,” she said. Amber Rose Addresses ‘Slut Shaming’ on ‘Its Not You, It’s Men’ “One of things that happens in our relationships is we either pick up somebody who needs our help or pick up somebody that can help us. Iyanla Vanzant, former relationship expert for The Oprah Show, talks about how she lost h Join Iyanla on a journey of Forgiveness in her life changing online course. Sign Up now In the late '90s, no-nonsense relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant dished out tough love to Oprah Show guests every other Tuesday.When I first met my man almost 4 years ago I was still dealing with my own insecurities regarding texture and was rocking a 4a weave at the time.I have been 6 years natural and two years into my natural hair journey I had enough and decided to give my hair a rest from weaves by twisting my hair when he went home to visit his family.Many of us are still trying to pinpoint the true purpose of being in a relationship what with all of the power struggle drama, overall sacrifice and no real guarantee the other person won’t wake up one morning and be like, ‘kthanksbye.’ During a recent appearance on “It’s Not You, It’s Men” with Tyrese and Rev Run, Iyanla Vanzant discussed not only her past relationships, but the reason behind them and she wouldn’t get married again.