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Subsequently this allowed for a feedback on the show.

Trendy design and styles can work if you are designing something temporary, like an illustration in a magazine or a poster with a short life-span.

It's reported the musical duo, who represented Ireland at the Eurovision twice, have been forced to take a pay cut after their firm Planet Jedward recorded combined losses of €234,000 in two years.Our Work Brands and branding About Inspiration Advice for students Type and Typography Running the Studio The Industry 40 Days of Dating Design for Music Happiness 12 Kinds of Kindness Personal Questions Things I've Learned I am interested in creating emotionally engaging, concept-driven work that is embodied in beautiful forms.I believe that the heart of creativity is discovery through experimentation and humor, and a state of mind at play makes it easier to do this.It happened during the first sabbatical, when after deciding against learning how to direct film out fear I might devote a lot of time learning this new language and wind up have nothing to say, it occurred to me I should try to stick with the language I do know how to talk, design, and see if I'd have something to say in it.They allow me more freedom to experiment and try things out.

The techniques I discover within this space of play often feed back into my client work.

However, play is really just a mindset in which you experience a state of “flow” and reach an optimal balance of challenge and opportunity based on your skill set.

So you can “play” within games, but you can also play within your work.

The Mayo music mogul (64) said the most embarrassing moment of his career was "working with Jedward and putting them through on The X Factor" and the boys have come out swinging in their defence.

John echoed his statement, saying: "I don't think he took us under his wing.

I always try to approach the process in a playful way, with a sense of humor.