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A couple of years ago, when he had to turn down work because of debilitating vocal pain, he got nervous he’d have to stop performing altogether. His vocal problems subsided, but the drawings remained, and a book was born.We got to talking about a drawing of pubic hair that suggests women have the most power.

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After spending time with him, I realized it's the smaller details that reveal the most.

Take, for example, the small bottle of hand sanitizer he keeps in the side pocket of his jeans.

It's true that even the most profound discussion of, say, the wage gap in America can get diluted in the laughs Friedlander elicits.

But he's committed to speaking up: “Most progress doesn’t happen if you don’t fucking talk about it." Or, in this case, draw about it.

After Morgan’s brief but powerful show, he and Friedlander hugged, rejoicing in the former star's return to live performance.

“You picked a good night to come,” Friedlander told me. Friedlander, 46, is recognizable from years of stand-up, his supporting parts in more than 20 movies, and perhaps most notably, his role as a schlubby staff writer who constantly exasperates Tina Fey on . Seven Days spoke with the Champ by phone to play a quick round of Seven Questions. 1: You are generally acknowledged as the World Champion of, well, pretty much everything. JUDAH FRIEDLANDER: Math and reading are not strong points. Friedlander performs a two-night, four-show run this Friday and Saturday, July 29 and 30, at the Vermont Comedy Club in Burlington .“A lot of people feel powerless, and as an individual, a lot of people are powerless.But, if people unite, accept each other, come together, and work for a common cause, nothing can stop them,” he said.His sets regularly touch on hard-hitting topics like gun control and racism in America.